Entry #2

There is no game!!!! There is no Kickstarter!!!!!!!

2016-11-21 05:13:45 by Kamizoto

Hello everyone!

If you really like 'There is no game' and want more of that silly universe, it's time to help me!

Go have a look to my 'Non Kickstarter' campaign (You will see, it's quite special ^^)  :


Even if you don't back it, please share to your friends. They will probably have fun reading it.  :)


Thank you!


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2016-11-22 00:38:04

This is awesome, I wish you the best with the lack of a kickstarter! :p

Kamizoto responds:

Thank you Phyrnna :)


2016-11-22 18:37:57

FUCK YES! Backed up bro. I loved your game and I loved the mobile version. Definitely pumped to see you making another and I want my copy FOR SURE. <3 Thanks for all your hard work and cant wait to see the final product.

Kamizoto responds:

Thanx for backing CaptKirky! :)


2016-11-22 19:21:12

I can't back it because I am poor most of the time, but that doesn't mean I'll support it to the very end and make sure others back it!

(also your little fullscreen trailer trick to make it look like it was my browser didn't work. I usually never use Chrome, ya silly billy ;3)

Kamizoto responds:

Thanx for spreading the word!
Yes, the video trick can't work on all browsers but the idea is still there. ;)


2017-05-29 13:11:22

Its sadly, that the kickstarter failed...